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Incentivised Attention

Our users actively choose to watch advertisements that interest them, and are fairly rewarded for their attention. This means that your advertising efforts will be welcomed by individuals who are already preliminarily attracted to your ads, making leads and conversion easier. This is also the reason why this marketing solution has an average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 150%.

Unique View vs Impressions

A unique view is only registered if the user watches the advertisement to completion, and keys in a unique one-time code that appears at the end. If the code is not entered, it will only count as an impression. Customer Acquisition Solution ONLY charges for unique views, ensuring that your advertisements have the greatest possible impact for the lowest price.

Sell Your Story with V-MORE Customer Acquisition Solution

Marketing and advertisement allows your products to reach more people. But how do you make sure that your promotion efforts are not firing in all directions? Here’s a way you can reach the right audience.

InfiniteBiz is the official agent for the V-MORE Customer Acquisition Solution.

Rewarding Merchants & Customers

V-More App Available Now

About V-MORE

V-MORE is an e-commerce company that pledges to reward both consumers and merchants in their ecosystem. Consumers enjoy deals and rewards from watching and sharing advertisements hosted on V-MORE, while merchants can use V-MORE’s business solutions to automate SOPs and reach meaningful audiences and potential customers.
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Veronica helped to set up my account and patiently went through with me how the platform works. The ad was claimed within 24 hours after live!

Meat & Salt

I'm thankful for the help of AdTech, I have an increase in revenue of 5-6% since my advertisement is uploaded onto AdTech

The Beef Station!

Thanks for helping us with the marketing and advertising. The first week already showed very good results! I'm very impressed. Will carry on with this for another few months. And thanks for all your marketing strategies and suggestions! It's really working.

Kwan Tzi Zhai Vegetarian Catering

Happy with Banner Ad done up for me! Nice work ! Friendly & good customer service

Knovus Florist

The user interface is awesome and it helped my business tie through during this period of crisis. My businesses was primarily off line and this advertisement technology aid me in bringing voted to my online store, allowing my business to continue

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